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Started in year 1994 as a trading house of LED products, frequency ventured into manufacturing in the year 1999 and has already become a name to reckon with in the field of LED modules and LED based products. The experience gained in trading in LED products has been utilized to the optimum in developing new products, ensuring quality and economy. At Frequency, R&D is the hart of the organization. R&D focuses on new products/functions, production techniques, design and quality. New products are developed for new and existing markets. Our staff expertise lies in technology, design, product efficiency enhancement and market analysis. Frequency products already enjoy a vast patronage amidst various industries. Constant addition to its already spectacular range of LED modules and products is winning dividends by way of new customers and new areas of applications.

Frequency LED based products confirm to the highest standards of quality and consistency. Its state-of-the art manufacturing facilities include integrated designing, engineering, manufacturing and assembling capabilities. Apart from wide range of standard industry assemblies, we can work with the customer from the stage of product conceptualization to production for customized applications.

LED Module
Led Push Button
LED Aviation Obstruction Light
LED Cellular Tower Aviation Light
LED Warning Indicater
LED Overhead Crane Bus Bar Indicator
LED Annunciation Window
LED Stack Light
LED Traffic Light
TRAFFIC Light Control Panel
LED Speed Breaker Indicator
LED Line Tester
LED Edge Lit Sign
LED Level Crossing Indicator
LED Reversing Indicator
Led Caution Indicator
Led Tri- Color Torch
Led Blue
LED Street Light
LED Tube Light
LED Flood Light
Led Focus Light
LED Conveyor Belt Light
LED Tunnel Light
LED Gate Light
LED Down Light
LED Office Light
LED Parking Light
LED Under Water Light
LED Train Light
LED Berth Light
LED Re dding Light
LED Coach Light
LED Seat Light
LED Low bay Light
LED High Bay Light
LED Garden Light
LED Lift Light
SOLAR Led Aviation Obstruction Light
SOLAR Led Street Lighting System
SOLAR Led Traffic Light
SOLAR HOME Lighting System
SOLAR LED Garden Lights
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